The Human Design

About the Mindless Forces that Evolve Human Minds
I am a lawyer from Melbourne, Australia, with my own view of nature gathered over four or five decades of observation and invention. My work is original and unlike anything you will read from scientists or philosophers. My book proposes a Design within nature that fundamentally predetermines all structures in nature, from a Big Bang to a human anatomy. Predetermination is a simple reality, given that we have fixed laws and limited mass in the universe, and we only need to track from a Big Bang to a human anatomy to see the patterns. Nature creates patterns using repeated neutrons in decay, and they have huge potential, known in retrospect. 
The Design is merely four triangles of Electromagnetism, Gravitation, Rest Mass, and Energy - the colors are more or less nominal, but their relative positions are not. They are delineated by a grid of Space, Time, Cause, and Effect. These are the four states of matter in nature, and they unify in that exact pattern universally. The human anatomy is also constructed exactly to the Design as a blueprint, for us to know nature. It literally takes one to know one. These proposals will seem outlandishly simple, but I use the most basic facts and logic to show how the Design predetermines our evolution and enables our awareness. My work has no connection to spiritual Intelligent Design movements, just the use of the word for the most fundamental pattern in nature.

Marcus Morgan