The Human Design
An Introduction to the Design in Nature

Welcome to my site. I am Marcus David Morgan, a lawyer from Melbourne, Australia with my own view of nature after decades of observation and invention. My work is original, and unlike anything you will read from "scientists" or "philosophers". I show a pattern to nature that determines all structures, from a Big Bang to a human anatomy. Determination is a simple reality, given that we have fixed laws and repetitive matter in the universe, and we only need to track from a Big Bang to a human anatomy to see the pattern. It is just the same old neutrons decaying at a Big Bang, then forming the chemical elements and making repeated structures, seen in retrospect. Do not believe the scientific hype about the accidental place of homo sapiens within nature. I have no room for any Gods or Godlike scientists after nature has spoken. However, I am not into the extremes of Panpsychism or Superdeterminism.

The pattern is only four triangles of electromagnetism, gravitation, rest, and energy, delineated by a grid of space, time, cause, and effect. These are the four states of matter, and they unify in that grid universally. Our anatomy is  constructed exactly to the pattern as a root and branch blueprint, for us to know nature. It literally takes one to know one. These ideas may seem strange, but I have written a small book, with large type and a lot of simple diagrams. I use the most basic facts and logic in plain language, with no math or jargon, to show how the pattern is directed to human-type evolution. The pattern has the status of the Design of nature, to its' purpose of human types. My theory is completely holistic. Nature rules, and human types are its measuring instruments.
Between 2011 and 2016, I have released updated annual editions here as a work in progress. By releasing it and working it into shape, I rejected the silly adage "children and fools should never be shown half finished work". Despite more than a thousand emails to "experts" over twenty years, I have been completely shunned and fobbed, but perhaps not my work. In any event, I am writing a final format for release here in early 2022, reduced to one quarter of its' current length. I had scheduled for mid 2021, but chose to solve the Quantum Entanglement problem first. If you take my new ideas for your work, don't steal them. Even if you are a little bit inspired whilst paralyzed because it does not fit your concrete worldview, attribute my book for others to find it and build a future. You are welcome to download the current 6th edition, 26 July 2016 (PDF 990 KB) from onedrive here:!ACsKQFn7KOpvgXU