The Human Design
An Introduction to the Design in Nature

I am a lawyer from Melbourne, Australia, with my own view of nature gathered over decades of observation and invention. My work is original, and unlike anything you will read from scientists or philosophers. I show a pattern to nature that fundamentally predetermines all structures, from a Big Bang to a human anatomy. Predetermination is a simple reality, given that we have fixed laws and limited mass in the universe, and we only need to track from a Big Bang to a human anatomy to see the pattern. It is just the same old neutrons decaying at a Big Bang, and making repetitive structures based on a clear pattern, seen in retrospect. I have no room for a God after nature has had its say. Nature rules. 

The pattern is merely four triangles of electromagnetism, gravitation, rest mass, and energy. They are delineated by a grid of space, time, cause, and effect. These are the four states of matter in nature, and they unify in that pattern universally. Our anatomy is also constructed exactly to the pattern as a root and branch blueprint, for us to know nature. It literally takes one to know one. These proposals will seem outlandish, but I have written a small book to explain it, with large type and a lot of simple diagrams. I use the most basic facts and logic to show how the pattern predetermines our evolution. I only use plain language, with no math or jargon. The consistency of the pattern raises it to the status of a Design by nature, to a purpose of human types. 
I posted in Blogs from 2011-2916, and I have sent PDFs and links to thousands of scientists & philosophers to date. My interest in new science & philosophy suggest to me that my ideas are infiltrating. This is despite receiving no replies at all in Blogs or by email to acknowledge any value in my work. Bizarre. From 2011-2016, I have released updated annual editions as a work in progress, but after more breakthroughs, I may release a final format here in mid 2021, reduced to one quarter of its' present lengthDownload the current 6th edition, updated 26 July 2016, as a PDF (990 KB) here!ACsKQFn7KOpvgXU If you take my new ideas for your own work, attribute my book as your source for others to find it and be amazed. 
Marcus Morgan